Friday, April 7, 2017

To Speak to or Not Speak to, That is the Question

In Deuteronomy 2:3 God told the people of Israel that it was time to turn their attention northward because they had spent too much time go around the same mountain. Ironically in the book of Matthew 17:20, Jesus declared that if we have the faith the size of a mustard seed we can speak to the mountain be thou removed and it shall be moved and NOTHING shall be impossible to us! So which one is it? Do we speak to it or change direction and move away from it?

The answer is not profound: it all depends. Jesus didn't speak to every mountain, but He did declare if we have the faith we can move mountains; but God said stop going around this mountain, change direction and go northward. What does this mean for us today? Well the truth is we must be Spirit lead. The Bible tells us that the Holy Spirit leads us and guides us into ALL truth which means He will tell us ultimately what mountains to speak to and what mountains to walk away from.

We must take comfort in knowing that some battles God does not want us to fight and it has nothing to do with believing God for it; the problem is sometimes God just won't move the mountain because it's not within His plan and not His will for our lives; and because our nature is to want what we want when we want we'll be just like the Israelites speaking to the mountain over and over again when God is saying change direction.

In short we must be willing to be sensitive to the voice of God so that we will move mountains by faith and see the promises of God because we are following His lead. Waste no more time walking according to your own fleshly desires but walk according to the Spirit and you will never go wrong!

To speak or not to speak, may be the question, but the answer is always follow the Spirit!

Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Moving Stress

"Cast thy burden upon the Lord, and He shall sustain thee:
He shall never suffer the righteous to be moved"

In this season of moving mountains, I had a very interesting conversation with a sister of mines. She told me that God doesn't take our worries, but rather, He's simply waiting on us to give them. In that moment, it hit me like a rushing wind--God will do the heavy lifting if we do the shifting. But shifting what?

Shifting or rather changing our perspective on how we interpret the word. I've read this text maybe a thousand times and for the first time I really understood that God wanted me to give my problems to Him, while for so long, I had been waiting for Him to take my problems, when in actuality He just wanted me to release them to Him. In exchange for my obedience, not only do I get rid of the heavy loads I've been carrying in life, but He promised me something as well: to sustain and to never move me out of my position in Him! 

This is a deal, I can't afford to lose out on and the price is simply trust. I must simply trust God enough to hand over everything that troubles me so that He can sustain me in the position He placed me and that position is in great places! 

In this season of moving mountains, make sure you move stress, unwanted baggage, and anything oppressing right out of your life, by simply saying Lord, I've held this for far too long, and I honestly don't know what to do with it, so now I'm giving it to You, because I trust that you will do what is best for me, even if I don't understand it fully, because your promises are sure and I know that you will hold me and NEVER allow me to fall!